An  opportunity to engage & influence

It is commonly known that an easy, user-friendly and free returns policy is key to customer conversion. What this means is that if you want your shoppers to make new purchases and stay loyal to the brand, you need to make their returns experience as pleasant, seamless, and free as possible.

Your returns page is that place where customers go to when they want to trigger a return. This place is prime real-estate for customer conversion. With a global average of 30% of all online purchases returned, this is a de facto guarantee of a steady stream of shoppers frequenting this space. This represents a major opportunity to engage, influence and convert traffic. Perhaps one could call the returns page the penthouse of locations. It is exclusive, not everyone goes there. When they do go there, they expect special treatment. They expect access to unique and panoramic views of the lay of the land.

The returns page should offer ease of access, a great customer journey, a feeling that you – the customer – matters, an understanding of  the journey: what do I need to do, where do I need to be, what is going to happen next. As with any real-estate, the shopper will only buy in, if they can “see” themselves at home in the space.

The doorway to your online (and offline) store

From a retailer perspective, this exclusive real estate is an incredible opportunity to be leveraged. (Like it or not), it has a steady flow of shopper traffic. The returns portal is not a terminal – that place to go to in order to get somewhere else. Rather, it is an entrance to your store (virtual or physical) – the place to reenter the shopping loop.

Essentially your returns portal is a like a landing page in which you can provide your shoppers differentiated calls to action. Firstly, you can incentivize them, you can expose them to new deals, promotions and programs. Secondly, you can share your brand ethos, messaging and goals. Thirdly, you can see this space as an opportunity to continue to build your relationship with your shopper and learn more about them and their needs. Above all,  you can bring shoppers back into your sales loop.  A return is not a goodbye it is a hello, how can we help you today? Stellar returns management that is worth its salt will teach you about your shopper and their returns. It will empower you to understand your shoppers and increase their loyalty to your brand. It will enhance your omni-channel strategy and strengthen the ties between your online and wholesale ecosystem.

Many keys to your prime real estate

The status quo offers a glum look at the state of the returns real estate in the industry. In a good case scenario the returns page today is a vanilla returns and exchanges portal. In the worst case scenario – the shopper has access to a paragraph or link telling them how to get by one their own or with the help of the over-worked customer care department. Retailers can and should be doing differently. At OtailO, we believe that there are multiple keys to the success of your returns strategy.  Starting from today, your returns management should be exclusive and inclusive. It should offer personalized and differentiated treatment for different shoppers. Meanwhile it should also be universally accessible and available to all shoppers. Shoppers don’t want to make any special efforts. They want a great customer journey that doesn’t feel like work. For retailers, the return page should be cost efficient and sustainable.  It should look and feel like the brand. It should tell a story of why the shopper is welcome. There should be no judgement, no awkwardness around the returns. It should be a place where data insights can be keenly read, analyzed and enable the retailer to continuously improve. It should be that place that everyone wants to be, where they feel special, unique, and wanted. A place where they feel at home.


Photo by Ruffa Jane Reyes on Unsplash