Online product returns lead an uncertain and unhappy life, with very little guarantee of a happy outcome.

The story begins with a cruel twist. You arrive at the purchaser’s home, only to be rejected.

Maybe you were not what they expected.

Maybe you were the product of a spontaneous moment, and are now unwanted.

Maybe you arrived a little worn, a little broken.

Whatever the reason, the home you imagined that you were coming to, was not meant to be.

So back you go.

But the journey from the online store, is not the same as the journey back. It is longer, more complicated and more uncertain.

You may be poked, prodded and handled by several people along the way.

You may be packed and repacked more than once.

You may be go by car, in crate, in freight, in air or by sea, or all of them.

You may go from city to city, country to country.

You may go from warehouse, to depot, to facility.

You may be sent to a foreign market: scattered in a bin or pallet with a thousand other rejects and outcasts.

You may be buried, burnt or dumped in your brand new wrappings.

If you make it back to the online store, and this is no certainty (it is reckoned that only half of online product returns make it back) who says that it is your fate to be re-bought? Are you still à la mode? desirable?

And if fate determines that you are re-bought, will you make the journey to your new home again, only to be rejected once more? Who knows?

Life is uncertain for an online product return. It is an upside down, unsustainable, illogical and backwards world.

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