You know that moment when you open an online purchase and you see what’s inside the box? What’s the first thing you say to yourself? If it is any of the following things, we are pretty sure that you will return the purchase.

“WTF is this?”

Probably the most common reaction. Yes, sometimes the online stores make a mistake and send you the wrong order. Oops. No wonder you don’t want to keep it.

“What was I thinking?”

I did this: I ordered a lime green skirt with several layers of white lacy material. A complete impulse buy. Now that the product has arrived, I can honestly say that I don’t know what I was thinking. Sorry, changed my mind.

“This looks nothing like what I bought”

Instagram is filled with these kinds of posts.

The prom dress of your dream in the picture – something out of a swampy lagoon in reality Aubergine in the picture – plain ol’ purple in the box

Velvety online – infectious and measly looking offline

When our expectations do not match reality, and the product turns out to be different from the way it was described or depicted online, it is likely that we will send it off on its way.

“No way this is going to fit”

This has happened to all of us. That thing arrived and it is too small, too big, too tight, too loose, etc. What are you going to do? Send it back of course.

“What’s going on here?”

A shirt missing a button. A belt missing a buckle. A crooked embellishment. A discoloration. A stain. Loose threads. We imagine that products that are manufactured in the same way will all look the same, but that’s not true. Things happen. Sometimes the manufacturers catch the glitch and sometimes they don’t. No way that we should pay the price. SEND IT BACK.

“This one looks like it will fit, these don’t”

We know that buying online is not the same as buying in a physical store. It is hard to know whether the size will be an exact fit. So some of us when making online purchases will buy three pairs of the exact same item with the difference being in the size. We try them on for size, choose the best fit and send the rest back. If you do this, your name in the industry is “fitting-roomers.”

“It will look good at the party next week”

Huh?! So what’s the problem? Thing is, there are some people – and you know who you are – that make online purchases for the sole intent of using the product once and then sending it back. The retail industry has a name for you – “wardrobers” – and it is not meant as a compliment.

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