Millions of online purchases are rejected and returned every year

From rejection to reward: the not-so-hidden opportunity in online product returns for retail brands

Think about it: the journey of an online product return begins with rejection. That item that the shopper purchased from your brand has now been relegated to the status of “unwanted”. It doesn’t matter why, those are just the facts. From the moment that the shopper makes that decision, they go very quickly into an active…

Malls are being re-appropriated as warehouses

The Race for Space – E-commerce gets Physical at the Expense of Our Cities

E-commerce retailers are in a race against time and one another to find local, convenient spaces to provide speedy and cost efficient fulfilment to their customers. This race is heating up with COVID-19 accelerating e-commerce shopping. But the situation is complicated: not only is space hard to come by, it is also limited. And e-commerce…

The light at the end of the tunnel

The Day After Now Manifesto

On the day after now: it may be in a month, it may be more, we are going to be asking ourselves some questions: What did we do during our mandated seclusion? What did we do during our mandated seclusion to make sure this never happens again? What did we do during our mandated seclusion…


Acheter plus… pour garder moins !

Triste sort que celui des achats en ligne retournés chez l’e-commerçant ! La situation met d’autant plus à mal l’industrie de la mode qu’elle est désormais connue du grand public. D’après le CEO Agenda – qui résume en 8 points les sujets prioritaires en matière de développement durable pour les industriels de la mode –…