Black Friday, cyber Monday, seasonal shopping: so many opportunities to buy our hearts out. Many shoppers have waited for this opportunity to:

  • Upgrade their belongings
  • Take advantage of the sales, discounts and promotions
  • Indulge in retail therapy where we feel we are getting more bang for our buck

Just imagine if our retail shopping list could compile not just “things” of material, but actual retail values. Here is what we would like to purchase during these retail festivities:

A Robust and Simple Supply Chain

Nothing about the supply chain is simple. It is complex and requires multiple partners and resources. And, like every chain, when there is a weak link, it affects the entire entity. We would like to “purchase” circularity, efficiency and accountability.

A Great Customer Experience

Whether we are shopping for essentials or non-essentials, we would like to “buy” an experience that will engage with us and bring us back for more. The human experience is not the x factor in retail, it is the main factor. If you understand me, you will be able to gain my loyalty and trust.

 Authentically Good Purchases

As consumers we’ve become a bit jaded. Is this a real discount that you are offering? Is this item really ethically sourced? Where does it come from? How was it made and by whom? We would like to “purchase” items in which we can be confident. We would like to -without thinking- be assured that we are not lending a hand to practices that are questionable at best and damaging at worst.

Retailer Accountability

We trust retailers. We trust you to do the right things. We trust you to make the right choices. We trust you  to consider best practices for the bottom line -and- for the planet. We would like to “buy” your genuine accountability for your expertise and trade.

Consumer Awareness

What we don’t know will hurt us. We want to understand how our retail behavior affects the globe. We want to be able to adjust, adapt and be better. We want to make educated decisions and to be positive role models for new consumers growing up under our wing. This season, we would like to “purchase” this knowledge and keep it with us moving forward.


What is on your wish list this shopping season?


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash