Return Anywhere, Resell Anywhere

AI powered omni-channel returns management, dynamically routing each return to the next best shelf

Smart Benefits for Smart Brands

the Margins

Dynamic returns calculation and routing from the moment of return, to profit optimal locations, expediting resale and reducing reverse logistics costs

Frictionless for brands and consumers


Low touch deployment based on advanced AI algorithms that calculate and route for you. No need for intensive pre-planning, rule configuration or heavy lifting



Different routes for different customers. An elevated customer journey that can be streamlined and optimised with AB Testing

Doing Good
for the Planet


Reduce carbon emissions and wastage with innovation that is circular and transparant

The OtailO Solution

OtailO optimizes the returns process in real-time, by enabling flexible and intelligent disposition and routing of retailer returns, and directing this merchandise to the next best shelf at the point of initiation, or at any point of the returns journey.

OtailO is an AI driven platform using internalized and automated retailer business drivers (such as gross margin, demand, velocity, etc.) requiring minimal retailer effort to achieve strategic and profitable outcome.

Smart Decision Making & Routing

Return Inspection & Certification

Intelligent Consumer Interaction

Keeping the Planet in mind

How it Works

In-Store Returns and Resale

Leverage your existing brick-and-mortar ecosystem to process, inspect (authenticate and validate) exchange and resell returns quicker and nearer to the MSRP

Digital Returns Warehouse

Manage, track and gain global insights on returns, returners and resellers on the OtailO platform

Smart Routing of Returns

Define how, where & what you want to return down to specifics: (SKU, price range, size, location, etc.)

Paper-free Returns & Exchange Branded Portal

A smart portal for returns management which is simple to configure and easy to use for maximal customer satisfaction

Quick & Easy to Integrate

Simple & Seamless to Setup

Integration With Key E-Commerce Platforms

Grow With Leading Carriers And E-Commerce Platforms